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Cranberry (A’io) (Iroquois Cranberry Growers)

Iroquois Cranberry Growers was started in 1969 with just a few acres of farm land and has grown into the current 68 acre farm we have today. Browse our cranberry products including jams, juices and other cranberry items.

Our Story

ICG_logoThe Wahta Mohawk community was established in 1881, when a group of Protestant Mohawks moved from their original home in Oka, Quebec due to religious, civil, and economic differences.  An agreement was reached with the Catholic priests whereby the Protestant group of the Oka community would move to the Muskoka district in the spring of 1892; the people instead chose to move in the fall of 1881 and arrived in October just in time for the winter snow. Life was tough. Subsistence farming, trapping, and work in the logging camps were a way of life.  Many have had to move from the community for economic reasons, but still consider Wahta home.

Iroquois Cranberry Growers (ICG) was started in 1969 by the then chief as an economic development venture. At that time people were able to traditionally pick and sell a’io (cranberries) from a bog just north of the Musquash River. That same spot had all the requirements for a commercial a’io (cranberry) operation. A good supply of water, impermeable peat soils, and an abundant supply of sand comes together at the site.

Iroquois Cranberry Growers was started with just a few acres and has grown into the current 68 acre farm we have today. It has provided employment for community members and has helped to support an economic base for community government.  Most people come to see the bog in the fall during the harvest.

Cranberry products

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Iroquois Cranberries has several products that are grown right from our community owned cranberry bog.

Check out our jams, sauces and other cranberry related products.
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